Hillview Bible Chapel
Boys Clubs


Kick off your shoes for a round of dodge ball -- it's time for Boys Club! Elementary school-age boys have a blast doing all manner of fun learning. Sweat and smiles are the order of the day in Stockade whether they're studying and memorizing Bible verses, building electrical circuits, or just eating snacks!

Father-Son Team Day

Dads & sons head out in the wee hours of a Saturday in October for a full day of guy-time with plenty of outdoor challenges, teamwork, and building bonds & memories. Competition is fierce but fun whether target shooting, canoeing or in unique events like the Legume Launch.


Young men of junior and senior high age reach toward higher goals of gaining spiritual leadership skills by following the one true Leader, Jesus Christ. Mentors disciple them in leading Bible discussions, maintaining daily devotions, memorizing Scripture, teamwork and serving others.


Camporal tops our list of greatest CSB events of the year! Teams of 4-5 guys compete in survival skills like fire-building without matches, outdoor cooking, using a compass, racing chariots made with big sticks, archery, canoe racing, and more!