Commended Workers

In the New Testament the church sent out individuals by the direction of the Holy Spirit to serve the Lord in a special capacity (Acts 13:1-3). Hillview Bible Chapel has commended several to the full time work of the Lord. These Christians have moved into their sphere of service on the basis of faith. They are trusting the Lord to provide for their material needs by His grace. For some, Hillview helps with their financial needs as the Lord provides us. For others, we provide no regular financial support but trust the Lord to meet their needs through designated love gifts from individual Christians. Our commended workers are serving the Lord on a global basis, some in church planting or related ministries and some in support ministries. In each case Hillview Bible Chapel, operating independent of any mission boards, has reviewed the qualifications and ministries of these Christians and has sent them forth as extensions of the ministry of this church.

The Caldwell Family

Steve and Vicky were commended by Hillview in July 2023 to DITP (Discipleship Intern Training Program) in Lubbock, Texas. Steve came to know the Lord as a high school student at Hillview in 1981. Together with Vicky, they raised two children while serving in home Bible Studies, high school & college ministries, marriage counseling, discipleship, and hospitality. In 1998, Hillview commended Steve as an elder, and in 2000, commended him to full time ministry. Prior to this, Steve worked at Lockheed Martin for thirteen years.  In DITP,  Steve serves as one of the directors and is involved in teaching and discipling the students. He travels to speak at various assemblies and conferences which gives him opportunities to promote DITP as the Lord leads. In addition, he is involved in campus evangelism at Texas Tech University where he runs a campus Bible study. He also preaches and teaches at FreeWay Bible Chapel in Lubbock. 

The Dillon Family

Pedro and Lucy were commended by Hillview in 1973 to full time literature work. They founded DIME (pronounced "dee-may"), which in English stands for "International Distribution of Evangelical Materials." DIME means "tell me" in Spanish. DIME started as a bookstore that still continues today and has grown into a publishing house, which produces millions of tracts, books, and other materials. This has included a series of sports booklets developed for those with an interest in American Football, NASCAR, Ice Hockey, the Olympics and the World Cup soccer games in English as well as Spanish. Pedro also serves as an Elder Emeritus at Hillview. DIME website

The Fleming Family

Jim and Sharon were commended by Woodside Bible Chapel in Maywood, IL in 1983 and by Hillview in 1984. They served in Lima, Peru (1984-1992) and then in Bogota, Colombia (1992-2008) where they were instrumental in developing churches and church leadership. In 2008 the Flemings moved to Dubuque, Iowa where Jim now serves as the International Director for Emmaus Correspondence School. ECS is now in 110 countries and is continuing to expand. In Asia, Africa, Europe, and South and Central America missionaries and national believers are using these Bible and Christian life courses in over 120 languages to reach the un-reached and teach the un-taught.

The Johnson Family

Dave was commended to the Lord by Hillview in 1985 when he went out to serve in the Philippines. Since then he has been involved in Bible teaching, discipleship training, church-planting, literature distribution, and medical assistance ministries. Shelly was commended to the Lord by Greenwood Hills Chapel in Fayetteville, PA in 1996. They have three children: Grace, Luke, and Anna who were all born in the Philippines. They returned to the US in 2006 for an indefinite time due to family health matters. Dave is currently serving as an Elder at Hillview while continuing to stay in touch with the assemblies they serve in the Philippines and making at least annual visits there.