As elders we shall glorify God and show our love for Him by shepherding the flock of God among us, exercising oversight (John 21:15-17; 1 Peter 5:1-5). We shall proclaim the gospel and defend the truth (Matthew 28:19-20; Titus 1:9-11). We shall provide for "the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12). We shall be on guard for ourselves and for all the flock for which the Holy Spirit has made us overseers, knowing that one day we shall give an account to the Chief Shepherd (Acts 20:17-35; Hebrews 13:17). We recognize this is a high calling, requiring men full of the Spirit and wisdom, possessing godly character (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). By God's grace we shall be those men.

James And Karen Armstrong

James was born into a strong Christian family, which attended Central Bible Chapel in Palisades Park, NJ. He came to know the Lord at a young age and grew in his commitment and service to the Lord. In college he was active in various campus ministries and in Carter Road Bible Chapel. In grad school, his relationship to the Lord continued to grow through involvement in campus ministries. He was active in his local church, including preaching and in leading the high school ministry.
He returned to New Jersey with a job and there he married Karen. Together they served the Lord in high school and college ministries. Job transfers moved them to Los Angeles and eventually, in 2006, to Los Gatos and Hillview Bible Chapel. Since then, he has served in leading adult classes, preaching and hosting a home study. James and Karen have four daughters. James has a burden for teaching the word of God, personal discipleship and apologetics. He also enjoys spending time in the outdoors as well as cooking and working on household projects.

David And Beulah Johns

David and Beulah and their two sons have been in fellowship at Hillview since late 2007. David grew up in Tamil Nadu, South India in a family that serves the Lord Jesus. Not surprisingly, he is an ardent lover of spicy food and a crazy cricket fan (that is, the sport, not the insect!). As a single guy, David first came to the U.S. in 1999 to work as a mechanical engineer in the auto industry of Detroit, Michigan. He briefly returned to India in 2001 to marry Beulah, and together they settled back in Detroit.
The Lord led David to be part of Hillview’s Discipleship Intern Training Program, and brought the young family to San Jose, California in 2006. Upon his finishing the Program, David and Beulah felt called by the Lord to join in fellowship and serve at Hillview Bible Chapel. He was commended to become an elder at Hillview in 2013. During this time, David worked in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley. And on October 30, 2022, David was commended to full time ministry. Apart from general shepherding and preaching, David has a special place in his heart for discipleship ministry and training. David enjoys traveling with his family, playing backyard cricket, and working in his garden.

Dave And Shelly Johnson

Dave was commended to the Lord by Hillview in 1985 to serve in the Philippines. Since then, he has been involved in Bible teaching, discipleship training, church-planting, literature distribution, and medical assistance ministries there. After marrying Dave in 1995, Shelly was commended to the Lord in 1996 by Greenwood Hills Chapel in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania to join the work. They have three children who were all born in the Philippines. Due to health matters, the family returned to the U.S. in 2006 for an indefinite time. Dave continues to stay in touch with the assemblies they serve in the Philippines. He currently serves as an elder at Hillview involved in preaching, teaching adult Bible studies, discipling younger men and helping with administration. He enjoys the outdoors, spending time with the family including a new grandson, and playing board games.

Alan and Grace Kute

Alan came to know the Lord in 1984 through the Saltworks College Ministry of Hillview Bible Chapel. He has been at Hillview since then. Starting in the college ministry and mid-week Bible studies he has been involved with various ministries over the years including serving as a deacon. Currently he is leading a Friday night Bible study during the year and is involved in preaching.
He and Grace have been married since 1988. She with her family were already attending Hillview since her youth. Alan and Grace have four children and a growing number of grandchildren. He is employed at an insurance company and has been there since 1987. He has been involved in soccer as a player up through college and was a coach for many years. In addition to soccer, Alan enjoys time with his family and serving them, and others, with practical helps.

John And Katie Shepherd

In 1986, John came to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and started walking daily with Him. While looking for a church which practices New Testament principles, John and Katie found Hillview Bible Chapel one Sunday in 1990 and have been in fellowship here ever since. Over the years, John has served in various ministries including time as a deacon and in 2009 was recognized as an elder. He is passionate about seeing others grow to be more Christ-like and is active in leading Bible studies, personal discipleship, and various forms of counseling—crisis, marriage, and family.
John and Katie have four children, and a growing number of grandchildren. Since 1992, John has been self-employed, serving the Bay Area as a plumbing and mechanical contractor and consultant. When not working at his job or serving the church family, John can be found outdoors to enjoy fishing, camping, and hunting; or in his garage with various woodworking projects.

Dave And Laura Westwood

David and Laura were both born in California, having lived in Cupertino nearly all their lives. David came to Christ as a youngster, and was challenged to a deeper commitment and walk with the Lord as a freshman in college. After completing a degree in electrical engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he married Laura. God has blessed them with three adult children. He currently works as an engineering manager at a local computer firm.
David strongly feels that yielding to God is one of the most important life lessons we can learn. He has a burden for preaching, teaching, and one-on-one discipleship. David also enjoys working with computers, fix-it jobs around the house, running in the mountains, and spending time with family.