Foundation Series

Survey of Basic Christianity (SBC)

This course covers such topics as "The Person of God", "Understanding Man", "The Problem of Sin", "The Meaning of the Cross", and "The New Birth". New believers and those active in evangelism find this course most valuable. SBC is a prerequisite for Intermediate Christian Training (ICT), offered summer of 2023.

Peacemakers Class

This course equips and challenges us to resolve interpersonal conflicts in a Godly manner. It presents conflict as an opportunity to demonstrate Godly character and to build deeper relationships. Offering practical steps for restoring a broken relationship, it is relevant to all.

Welcome to Hillview Class

If you are new to Hillview Bible Chapel, we encourage you to learn the biblical basis for how and why we structure our church as we do. We cover such topics as, God's definition and commission of the church, leadership roles, church meetings, and responsibilities of family versus church.

  • Contact: James Armstrong

Basic Christian Training (BCT)

This course introduces newer believers to such basic disciplines of Christian life as baptism, the Lord's Supper, prayer, personal bible study, and sharing one's faith. It also addresses vital questions like "Who is Jesus?" and "Am I going to heaven?". BCT builds on the topics covered in SBC.

  • WHEN: Jan 8, 2023
  • Contact: James Armstrong