Survey of the Faith

The first diploma offered through the UOA is Survey of the Faith. Four courses are required for graduation. Students are also required to attend an annual UOA student body meeting. A description of these four courses follows.

Disciplines of the Christian Life, Part I

This course helps students to develop basic disciplines for godly living. It is a mentored course in which each student is paired up with an experienced Christian. Mentors tailor the training to the student's needs. They also provide personal guidance, accountability, and encouragement as needed. Mentors may choose to meet one-on-one with a student or meet with two or three students together.

Survey in Basic Christianity (SBC)

This 13 week course explains the truths of salvation. Topics include the nature of God, the nature of man, the problem of sin, the meaning of the cross, and salvation by grace. Whether the student is just getting started or has known Christ for many years, SBC has much to offer. Classroom time is divided between lecture and discussion

Basic Christian Training (BCT)

This 13 week course presents the foundational doctrines and disciplines of the Christian life. Topics include baptism, the church, how to overcome temptation, how to pray, and the importance of the Lord's Supper. Classroom time is divided between lecture and discussion.

Attributes of God Memorization Pack

Students learn how to memorize Scripture and commit 22 verses to memory. These verses are on the topic of the attributes of God.